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Dan Siegel - The Gun Accident Lawyer

Dan Siegel has been a leader in the fight for gun control and the fight against gun violence for over 25 years. A former member of the Board of Handgun Control (the Brady Center), Dan Siegel helped write the Pennsylvania law that allows people to file lawsuits against gun dealers who sell guns to straw purchasers.

Gun accidents and handgun deaths are tragic events. All too often, these shootings are the result of illegal or improper sales (often selling "Saturday Night Specials" by gun dealers, who sell guns to straw purchasers, people who simply turn around and resell the guns on the streets of our cities. Dan Siegel is committed to assisting the victims and the families of the innocent children and adults who have been shot or killed by gun violence and gun accidents.

Suing gun dealers and gun manufacturers is not easy, and the dealers, manufacturers and insurance companies fight these cases. They know, when Dan Siegel files the lawsuit,* he will fight just as hard, and in reality harder, than they do to get justice for our clients who have been killed or injured by gun accidents and gun violence, through no fault of their own.

The way these shootings occur is fairly simple. Someone goes into a gun dealer and buys multiple guns, often 10 or 12 at a time. The guns, which are cheap, are generally called Saturday Night Specials, and are not designed for any purpose other than killing. After the buyer leaves the store, he turns around and sells the guns on the streets of Philadelphia and other cities, and they eventually end up in the hands of drug dealers and other people who could not legally buy a gun. Many times, the guns are left lying around, only to be found by a child, who picks it up out of curiosity, pulls the trigger and is either seriously injured or killed. Often, the victims of these gun accidents are innocent children, mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters. Gun injuries are almost always serious, the cases are complex, and Dan Siegel has the skill and the know-how to represent the people who have suffered these tragic injuries and deaths.

If you, a family member, or a friend has been injured by a handgun, in some kind of gun accident or gun violence, or if a family member or friend has been killed by a handgun, you should call (610) 446-3457 or e-mail Dan Siegel, who will investigate your case and can determine if the gun was sold legally or whether it was a part of a straw purchase or other illegal sale.

*Dan Siegel handles gun lawsuits through his own law office, and also works in conjunction with other law firms, depending upon the nature of the case.




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