Elder Law Attorneys

Elder Law involves counseling and representing older persons and their families and representatives about the legal aspects of health and long-term care planning. It also involves examining public benefits, handling older people's estates, and implementing decisions concerning these matters, while considering the tax consequences or the need for more sophisticated tax expertise.

Attorney Molly Gilligan handles elder law matters and understands that aging and dealing with elderly relatives is often an emotional decision, and he works with you and your financial advisors (accountants, brokers, etc.) so that all matters are properly handled. Molly and Dan frequently partner with other attorneys and law firms, as well as accountants and financial planners who also handle these matters, which are highly complex and may require additional specialized knowledge.

If you, a family member, or a friend has an elder law question, you should contact Molly Gilligan at (610) 446-3457 or e-mail Molly Gilligan; we will reply promptly.

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